Why partner with iRocket?

Unparalleled Engagement on iRocket

Engagement is more than just numbers; it’s about meaningful interactions. With iRocket, partners tap into a community that’s not just active but deeply invested. Every discussion, project, and initiative is fueled by passionate members eager to contribute.

Value Beyond Metrics with iRocket

An engaged community member is a treasure trove of value. They’re not just users; they’re collaborators, idea generators, and potential brand champions. By partnering with iRocket, you’re not just gaining an audience; you’re gaining co-creators who can elevate your brand, refine your offerings, and champion your vision.

Direct Feedback Channels on iRocket

Every product thrives on feedback, and iRocket offers partners an unfiltered line to their most dedicated users. Harness insights, understand market demands, and iterate with precision, all while being rooted in a community that genuinely wants to see you succeed.

Benefits of Building Your Community on iRocket

World-Class Community Management

Benefit from expert managers ensuring your community’s success.

Best Practices Operating System

Use tested strategies to boost engagement and drive product innovation.

Tap into a Network

Connect with experts, advisors, investors, and diverse talents.

Stay at the Cutting Edge

Position yourself at the vanguard of technology and innovation.

Knowledge Sharing

Collaborate and learn with communities and partners in our ecosystem.

Earning Potential

Earn recurring revenue through our referral program.

Watch Members Grow

Take pride as you witness members collaborate and drive value to your project.


Exclusive discounts on essential iRocket apps, tools, listings, promotions, and more.

Full Control & Support

Manage your group with free support from our development team.

Data Access

Retrieve your community data and analytics by request.

A Familiar Experience with iRocket

Drawing inspiration from the user-friendly design of private Facebook groups, your iRocket community provides an intuitive space. With straightforward management tools, you can curate your member base, ensuring alignment with your goals and audience. Plus, dedicated iOS and Android apps are available for your members’ convenience.

Free Access for Your Members

We believe in creating an inclusive environment. That’s why your community members enjoy free access to your group. This ensures no barriers to entry, fostering a vibrant and growing community.

Unified Ecosystem for Your Members

Say goodbye to fragmented community experiences. With iRocket, your community members won’t be scattered across multiple platforms. We’re bringing all the best products under one roof, ensuring a seamless experience for your members. They’ll enjoy the benefits of multiple product communities without the hassle of juggling numerous channels.

Pricing Plans for Partners

All plans require an iRocket Community Pro Subscription – $25/month.


Once you’ve validated your innovative idea within the iRocket Community, it’s time to propel it forward. With the Idea Phase package, you can establish a dedicated group, inviting keen collaborators to further refine and develop the concept.

Together, you’ll harness our comprehensive guides and resources, ensuring every aspect of your idea is meticulously crafted.

Plus, enjoy a 20% discount on iRocket AI and iRocket Work, empowering your team to create essential documents and lay the groundwork for a robust, actionable plan. Elevate your idea from mere thought to a tangible blueprint.


Transition from planning to action with the Prototype Phase. As you structure your team and commence the building process, iRocket provides an enhanced support system to ensure your project’s success. Benefit from complimentary consultations with the iRocket Advisory Group, guiding you through critical decisions.

Avail a 20% discount on iRocket Services, streamlining your project’s development, and a 20% discount on iRocket Careers, connecting you with top-tier talent to bolster your team.

Plus, amplify your reach and validate product-market fit with a complimentary, promotional blast across the iRocket ecosystem. It’s time to bring your vision to life and test its resonance in the real world.


Elevate your launched project to new heights with the Growth Phase. Whether you’re at version 1 or have a well-established user base, our focus is on supercharging your growth trajectory. Together, we’ll strategize to onboard your users effectively, cultivating a vibrant community that consistently adds value to your project.

Enjoy dedicated developer support, ensuring seamless integration and continuous enhancement of your product. Tap into the vast iRocket community, gaining access to a reservoir of potential users, collaborators, and advocates. With exclusive access to our network of partners, investors, and invaluable resources, you’re positioned at the forefront of opportunities.

Monetize your influence by driving members into the iRocket community and other facets of our ecosystem, creating a robust revenue stream. Plus, stay ahead of the curve with priority access to our data and insights, empowering you to make informed decisions and sustain your project’s success. With the Growth Phase, you’re not just growing; you’re thriving.

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Your Privacy Matters to Us

At iRocket, we deeply value and respect your privacy. All the information you provide in this application is solely for the purpose of understanding your project fit within iRocket Community. We adhere strictly to privacy laws and regulations, ensuring your personal data is handled with the utmost care and security. Your details will never be shared, sold, or used for any purpose other than for this application process. If you have any concerns or questions about how we handle data, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your trust is paramount to us.



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